Procera AVH: Reviews, Ingredients and Side Effects Unleashed

Procera AVH  is one among the most popular products when it comes to increasing memory power. The official sales page of this product claims many benefits, but with so many scams going online it is essential to go through an in-depth review of this product. With so many reviews floating on procera benefits, its ingredients and side effects, this procera avh review has been prepared to answer each and every aspect of this medicine.

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What is Procera AVH: Product and Its Working

Procera is a brain supplement which is expected to improve memory power, mood and mental performance. The main claim which this product promises is that it can help to enhance levels of a key neurotransmitter called acetylcholine which would increase brain power. Procera came into limelight after a research was published in the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association (JANA) which highlighted the success of this product. The research examined the effects of a combination of nutraceutical formula on cognitive functioning and mood. The nutraceutical formula used in this research was the ingredients of this product.

Actual Working of Procera

Procera helps to enhance memory and brain functions in three ways which are explained below:

First Way: Boosting Oxygen Supply

It has been proved beyond doubt that Oxygen is a vital part for effective brain work. In fact, a brain’s requirement for oxygen is greater than ten times the rest of entire body. This is the sole reason that people suffering from mental problems, anxiety, stress etc are prescribed “breathing exercises” which are going more popular nowadays. See one of the videos below for increasing focus and brain power, such exercises are nothing but a way to inhale more oxygen to get better memory:

So the first way by which procera helps memory power is by increasing oxygen supply to brain.

Second Way: Prevention from Free Radicals

Free radicals (also called as Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) ) are very reactive and can cause much damage to many cells including brain cells, thereby decreasing brain power and concentration. Emotional stress is one of the most significant factor which increases free radical load on the body. Procera helps to deal with these free radicals.

Third Way: Increasing neurotrasnmitter signals

Because of faulty eating, sleeping habits and external factors, our brain’s capacity to transmit and store information reduces which results in memory loss, poor recall power etc. Procera ingredients help in re-enhancing the neurological functions. Neurotransmitters act as the brain’s unique chemical messengers for communication purposes. Various factors like learning, remembering, perception and thinking are based upon various neurotransmitters like “acetylcholine” which reduce due to several reasons. “Procera AVH memory” can be used to restore these depleted neurotransmitters so that higher brain functions could be achieved..

Procera Avh Ingredients

Now let us examine the ingredients that are present in procera.

Procera Ingredients and Functions

1) Acetyl L-Carnitine: Acetyl-L-carnitine is famous for its usage in treatment of various mental disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, age-related memory loss, depression etc. This is also a popular ingredient for tackling Alzheimer’s and reducing the negative effects of aging on memory. To know further on this ingredient (Acetyl-L-carnitine), visit

2) Vinpocetine: It is an ingredient which is well known for healing memory issues. It increases blood circulation in brain and also helps in repair of neurological functions. Due to this increased blood flow to the brain, the efficiency of working of the other two ingredients used in this product is also increased. More research on this can be found at

3) Huperzine A: It is a novel alkaloid which is extracted from the herb Huperzia serrata. Huperzine-A has proved that it has positive results on memory, cognition, and behavior. More on the success of this ingredient can be found at

Given below is the image of the herb Huperzia serrata from which Huperzine A is extracted:

Huperzia serrata image

The safety of nutritional supplements which fall in list of the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act (DSHEA) are acknowledged by FDA. The ingredients used in Procera AVH come under DSHEA.

The above mentioned 3 ingredients have a clinically proven record in increasing cognitive functions. The Procera AVH study was done by the popular cognitive researcher, Dr. Con Stough at the Brain Sciences Institute, Swinburne University (Melbourne, Australia) which is one of the top most neuro-cognitive research labs in the world with a mega profile of neuro-psych tests, like the FDA approved, CDR tests of cognitive function used in over 500 pharmaceutical drug trials and cited in over 1000 published papers related to medicine.

Procera AVH Side Effects

Since, the product contains ingredients that are herbal based and has clinical evidence of assisting in brain functions, hence no documented case of serious side effects have been noticed. However, in some of the reviews floating around, there are minor complaints for people suffering from high blood pressure. The company has though referred that if the dosage is taken on an empty stomach, then some people may experience mild stomach upset. So take it after you have some meals. In fact, if you are suffering from High BP or if you are a pregnant women, then it is better to avoid this or consult a physician before taking this.

Is This Company Scam?

The procera manufacturers have been in business for over 6 years. It has been selling 1000′s of units of procera every month. The overall result is that it has become a brand name for brain power supplement. One can find ads and discussions on this product in every memory and health related blogs, forums and magazines. So, it is sure that the company is genuine and can be trusted.

Overall Review

If we look at the entire procera review, then we would find that it has the right and balanced combination of ingredients that have been proven to show results. The track record and reviews from satisfied customers do add up to its credibility. Hence any person who is looking for a memory boosting supplement can safely order procera avh.

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